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The Complete End of Summer Back to School Checklist

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Backpacks / Bookbags / Lifesavers

back to school checklist

No matter what you call them, options for these essential lifesavers are endless. Traditional backpacks are practical, always in style, and here at All About Me Company, free embroidery can always be added to give that extra touch. Sling packs and cinch packs are a more modern take on the original two-shoulder strap style. Sling packs are just as functional with only one strap and cinch packs are perfect for after school activities like sports practices.Totes have been growing in popularity (and size!) over the last few years and serve as a cute, versatile alternative to back-worn bags. Quick Tip: make sure to switch sides every so often to keep your shoulders from getting out!

School Supplies

Use your resources on these! Coupons and sales run rampant in the last few months of summer and if you can get your hands on a supply list early that could mean even better deals for you. It's also important to think beyond highlighters and notebooks here. Ziplock baggies, hand sanitizer, and a healthy stock of after school snacks can be necessary during the school season. Quick Tip: Blogs are a great way to find deals, try The Krazy Coupon Lady for back to school savings.

Summer Assignments

Don't procrastinate, but if it happened don't worry (we ALL do it)! Dedicate at least an hour of each remaining summer day to the project. Breaking it up into more manageable parts will help the task not seem so monumental.

Enjoy Your Last Summer Days!

This is important. Whether it's spending as much time as possible with your children or hitting the water park one more time with friends, you've earned this time, enjoy it!

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