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What's in Your Backpack?


Make sure you are ready for a successful start to the new school year with these few backpack essentials and other backpack packing tips:

  • Pens/Pencils - although most of us use some kind of electronic device these days, having something to write with is essential in a learning environment. 
  • Pen/Pencil Case - to keep yourself organized, you can always use a cosmetics case like this one and store your writing tools as well as other school supplies like highlighters, permanent markers, a staple, scissors, etc. Not to mention, you can customize the case with your initials or first name to give it a personal touch. 
  • Notebook or folder with writing paper - having something to write on is also important especially when having to take notes during class. Something to try are the notebooks with multiple subjects so you can carry less at one time. 
  • Agenda/Planner - keep your schedule and assignments in order using an agenda or planner. The calendar on your smart phone also works well as long as you keep it up to date. 
  • Hand sanitizer or hand wipes. 
  • Extra chargers for your phone and/or tablet, especially if you need your tablet for any of your classes. 
  • Snacks - carry around a snack or two with you should you ever get stuck in between classes and unable to eat for a few hours. The last thing you want is to be so hungry that you can't focus. Good options include mixed nuts, granola bars, energy bars and other similar foods that don't spoil.
  • Water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day. 
  • Important extras - things like an extra toothbrush, hand cream, lip balm, breath mints, body splash, a hair tie and bobby pins are always good to have handy, especially if you’re going to be at school for long periods of time.

Now that we have all the essentials ready to be put away, let's find a great backpack to store them in. Options include utility backpacks with tons of room, a shoulder sling pack, a retro style backpack, a simple cinch pack, or a regular zippered backpack in tons of different prints and colors. These are all available through our website. We invite you to hit the "shop" button above, search our bags to find your perfect backpack, and customize it for free! 

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